True confession … I’m a snoop!  I can’t help it! My coach says it’s because I have Learner and Input in my top ten strengths….I just have a HUGE desire to learn about people and then help them maximize their strengths!  (I also have maximizer in my top five). 

Flying back from Houston last week, I was next to a guy who popped open his laptop with what looked like his company scorecard on the screen.  Now listen…  I tried to look away!  I really tried… but before I could close my eyes, I noticed the column that said “responsible party”.  That’s a big word for WHO, meaning – WHO is responsible for hitting the goal of this measurable.  The important part of this story is that his company scorecard had several people listed as the WHO.   Three people were ACCOUNTABLE for the same number.   My clients will tell you that I teach ACCOUNTABILITY at all levels in the organization.  And the number one rule is that when two people are accountable for the same task, no one is.  Only one person can “own” it.  It’s one of the principles we teach in EOS.  In an entrepreneurial company, we don’t have the time or resources to waste on pointing fingers, assuming that someone else will do it, or anything that causes confusion.  Only clarity and traction can keep us on track to having that company we always dreamed of. 

Try this:   If you are not getting everything you want out of your people, give them a number.   The discipline here is to instill accountability for their role or task.  For example, a sales person might have the number of 3… that means 3 sales calls per day.   Or a waitress might have a number of 5, 5 tables per hour.  Measure, track, reward and promote around this number.   When you have communicated clear, tangible expectations, you are much more likely to be pleased with the outcome.    And as always, continue to let me know how you are doing in implementing these principles!  I always love to hear from you! 

Lesson number two?   Don’t sit next to me on an airplane unless you want my input! : )