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The Courage Advantage:
3 Mindsets Your Team Needs to Cultivate: Fierce Discipline, Incredible Fun, and a Culture of Experimentation

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After facilitating over five hundred sessions with leadership teams in growth mode, Jill Young observed that true entrepreneurs thrive in courage rather than fear. In short, these business owners have a courage mindset—a way of thinking that fuels the evolution. Young, a certified EOS® implementer, entrepreneur, and speaker who specializes in guiding business owners to create a vision, experience traction, and form unified teams, dissects the secrets of the courage mindset for the entrepreneur and team that encourages expression in three ways: to practice discipline, lighten up, and experiment—all while still achieving the kind of growth that takes companies to new heights. While serving as an approachable coach and cheerleader, Young leads entrepreneurs through a step-by-step process that identifies roadblocks to success, pinpoints time wasters, invites the creation of positive workplace environments where people thrive, and encourages experimentation.


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[The Courage Advantage] is a gift to any leadership team in growth mode. Jill’s observations will resonate with ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking to grow in a more effortless way. She teaches you how to change your mindset so that growth becomes second nature for you and your team!
Gino WickmanAuthor of Traction and Creator of EOSEOS
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