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Jill Young led a Core Values Discovery session at the Amazing Selling Machine event in Las Vegas.

TractionFirst received an “amazing” endorsement from both Amazing.com executives, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.


Jill has worked alongside Murphy’s for over a year and she has been a great help to us in terms of rolling out Entrepreneurial Operating System. Our company meetings are very different now, and throughout the organization we have benefited from different structures that drive performance and aid communication.

I would recommend Jill as a great resource, and the 3 all-day meetings that she has led have all yielded significant results.
~ Charlie Bingham – Murphy’s Corporate Lodging (Houston, TX)

Jill is the most dedicated and hardworking person you can work with to help your business achieve its goals! She has helped me and my business, through the EOS system, go from a stagnant one-office company to a growing multiple office and vibrant company with clear goals and direction in less than one year.

Her knowledge, dedication, and energy cannot be matched by anyone in the industry. I highly recommend Jill to become your hero, too!
~ Jon P. Hoebelheinhich, President of JPH Land Surveying, Inc. (Keller, TX)


Jill, thanks for all you have done for us! The tools you taught us really are such a blessing. I truly feel that for the first time I am running the business instead of my business running me! ~ Kristina Cross – Crowd Pleasers

In being selected as the person to start up our company’s new branch office I was given the task of generating new work for our business out of thin air! Overnight I became a marketing and sales person and I had virtually no past experience in that field. Fortunately in the months prior I had attended, along with my other leadership team members, our annual meeting with Jill Young with TractionFirst, and boy that was a life saver!

We sat down with her and she taught us the EOS’s system of Marketing Strategy and establishing your Target Market. Utilizing that new found knowledge base and a few simple tips of how to approach marketing I was able to strategically research our job market, secure warm and hot leads, and eventually secure new work for our now growing branch office. Without a doubt I would have been drowning in the sea of endless possible client leads had it not been for Jill Young with TractionFirst and the EOS system life boat!

It gave me a laser focus on those primary targets that most benefited our company. This was very important, not only to make sure we were hitting the right areas, but that I was also able to effectively utilize my time with the integrator of our business to focus our efforts where it counted most. Now we have new work, a growing branch office, and a laser-focused marketing strategy that will continue to foster growth. Many thanks to Jill, TractionFirst, and the EOS system. ~ Robert Hansen – JPH Land Surveying, Inc. (Keller, TX)