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Jill, thanks for all you have done for us! The tools you taught us really are such a blessing. I truly feel that for the first time I am running the business instead of my business running me! ~ Kristina Cross – Crowd Pleasers

Jill is the most dedicated and hardworking person you can work with to help your business achieve its goals! She has helped me and my business, through the EOS system, go from a stagnant one-office company to a growing multiple office and vibrant company with clear goals and direction in less than one year. Her knowledge, dedication, and energy cannot be matched by anyone in the industry. I highly recommend Jill to become your hero, too!

~ Jon P. Hoebelheinhich, President of JPH Land Surveying, Inc. (Keller, TX)

The meeting facilitation was outstanding, and the whole team benefited from our experience with you!  We all went out to dinner after our meeting, and each commented on the great experience.  We are thrilled to have selected you to lead us through the EOS process.  LEGIT, GIRL!

The ‘extra’ steps  of supplying us with follow up notes, action items and resources are really time consuming for you, but most appreciated from our end. ~ Claudine Zachara



Watch Jill Lead a Core Values Discovery Session 


Jill Young led a Core Values Discovery session at the Amazing Selling Machine event in Las Vegas.                                                                                                        


TractionFirst received an “amazing” endorsement from both executives, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.